Custom & Grizzlys

Got a Tough Condition to Deal With?

A Custom Grating or Grizzly by Borden Could be Your Answer!

Here at Borden we love a challenge, and nothing pleases us more than to work together with our customers to come up with practical solutions for problem grating areas.

This detail shows that bearing bars can be spaced as close as 1-1/2" (38mm) centres so that the clear opening is only 1" (25mm). There is no maximum limit on the bearing bar spacing and depths up to 10" (250mm) are possible. Cross bar centres can be varied as well - from a minimum of 4" (100mm) to 10" (250mm) or more.

A Diesel Locomotive Maintenance Shop - where the gratings must handle the highly concentrated loads of the Bogie assemblies as they are lifted in and out of the area by Overhead Cranes - not always gently!

The gratings chosen here were designed by Borden with both bearing and cross bars of 1/2" (12mm) thickness so they can really take a lot of abuse and keep coming back for more!

The above photograph shows panels of a custom grating which uses bearing bars of 6" x 3/8" (150 x 10mm) with 5/8" (16mm) hexagonal cross bars which were manufactured by us to deal with specific conditions, including cutouts in the bearing bars to clear obstructions.

Give us a call to discuss your problem area.